Digital Mango Brand and Web Design

Digital Mango Branding and Web Design


Brand design, Corporate identity design, Logomark and logotype design, Illustration and Digital painting (Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop), Web design and UI / UX design, English-French translation, Front-end development (WordPress, HTML5 / CSS3).


Graphic designer, Illustrator, Web designer, Translator, UI / UX designer.



An innovative model blending investment and renewable energies through the blockchain technology

Digital Mango is many things. It can be best described as a consultancy firm which democratises investment in photovoltaics, basically enabling photovoltaic projects to grow out of stakeholder engagement.

Established in the South of France by the same brilliant minds behind Elements Energy, Digital Mango’s core concept is to take care of all the hard work on behalf of its clients and make sure that their projects get completed and bear fruits (for a brand centred around mangos, it is only appropriate!)

Relying on the blockchain technology to effectively tokenise assets and facilitate the funding and staking process, the main idea was to create a simple system letting people collaborate and participate in various photovoltaic projects.

The same design process was applied to this project, and the translation of every piece of content and marketing material from English to French was at the core of my work as to make sure the message and services offered were clear and understandable enough to the largest audience.

Digital Mango - Logo concepts

A mango with a brand

As opposed to the Elements Energy brand, which also deals with the blockchain technology, Digital Mango’s had to differentiate and display a more sophisticated and corporate look, with the mango fruit playing a central part. This brand had to be built from the ground up and appeal to potential shareholders, investors, collaborators and other companies specialising in crypto assets.

The logo concepts were all created with this idea in mind while trying to evoke the blockchain technology.

Digital Mango - Final logo

The definitive version of the logo was a combination of one of the earliest concepts’ font and another one’s mark or icon. It incorporates the logomark as part of the “Mango” word and perfectly sums up the idea of a freshly cut mango.

The font conveys a subtle mix of a corporate image by its serif nature, but also a playful part by its curves and the tilted counter of the letter “g” or the tilted tittle of the letter “i”.

The logomark itself, when used with the dark navy blue colour, can depict both a cut mango and a stylised solar panel. This icon was used as the website’s favicon, as profile image on social media and as a token logo on various Tezos staking websites to make it stand out.

Following the same steps as Elements Energy’s branding design, a business card was designed using the final logo. The same requirement was specified: a two-sided design for both French and English versions of the content, on two separate backgrounds.

The design itself, very clean and straightforward, features a light front using the main contact details in French, whereas the back shows its English translation on a dark navy blue background with contrasted text.

Digital Mango - Business card
Digital Mango - Website

Brand new website with bespoke imagery

The last part of setting up Digital Mango’s brand was to create its own website. A brochure website was made using WordPress to explain the company’s vision, process and values.

With a customised theme, a clear and minimal layout, a bold font and a set of bespoke icons using the brands’ colour palette, the website focuses on making Digital Mango’s mission and the services it offers simple and transparent, while incentivising visitors to get in touch or use its baking service.

The bespoke icons are following the same concept of various shapes (mango, flower pot, document, jigsaw piece, etc.) using the yellow, orange and red from the brand’s colour scheme, outlined by dark navy blue lines to create a contrast. The overall idea was to create a warm, playful yet modern look and feel.

As a French registered company, but looking to attract European partners and clients, the website’s content was translated to French and set as the main language by using a WordPress plugin. The English version was made available via a language selection menu.

This website is online and accessible at

An introduction to NFTs

To celebrate Digital Mango’s first baked block on the Tezos blockchain and promote both Digital Mango’s novel concept and the blockchain technology itself, I was commissioned to create an original artwork that would depict the company’s approach, core values and the technology backing it in a fun and way.

In this image the blockchain and photovoltaic technologies are interconnected. The digital mangos grow in the sun thanks to solar panels, hanging from digital trees that are all part of the same grid. Blocks, the central part of this technology, are carried from one point (or user) to another by adorable bees.

The artwork was submitted as a non-fungible token (or NFT) to the Kalamint platform and minted 31 times (in reference to the Haute-Garonne department where Digital Mango is based). As of today more than half of the NFTs were sold or won as part of giveaways! So be quick and grab yours!

I was featured along with Digital Mango in a Nomadic Labs post and on LinkedIn. It was a very exciting project that brings hope and opens up a world of possibilities for the future of investment, blockchain and renewable energies!

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