Digital Painting and Illustration

Digital Painting and Illustration


Digital painting and Illustration (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator), sketching and drawing.


2D and concept artist, Illustrator.


2009 – Ongoing

Shaping my imagination

Since the day I was able to draw, I kept on putting what I have in mind on paper: concepts, characters, locations, landscapes, objects, etc. Trying to translate thoughts, concepts and ideas into something concrete has always been a personal and exciting challenge of mine. It can be as simple as sketching with a pen, or as complex as painting an entire scene digitally.

Although I do enjoy trying different techniques, my style can be defined as mainly cartoon with a preference for cel shading and colouring. I tend to keep my illustration as simple as possible to get to the point, but I can be as detailed as needed. Here is a selection of drawings, sketches, doodles and finished digital pieces:

ArenaNet Creative Partner - Sponsored art

From October 2019 to August 2020, I was part of the Creative branch of ArenaNet’s Partner Programme. As such, every month, I designed various digital art pieces sponsored by ArenaNet that revolve around the studio’s flagship game Guild Wars 2 and its content. You can see some of the artworks below.

Guild Wars 2, its characters, creatures and locations are the property of ArenaNet, LLC.

Personal portfolio

Since 2015, my website went through a lot of different designs, some crazier than others!

For the previous version of my web portfolio, I wanted to build an interactive map of an imaginary world, making parts of it clickable and unveiling new content, exactly like in a video game. To do so, I created the entire map using one of my favourite technique/style: isometric design.

Digital Painting and Illustration - 2017 portfolio
Digital Painting and Illustration - Auber Gine cover

Gine, Auber Gine

One of my craziest ideas was to imagine “Gine, Auber Gine”, a parody of the old James Bond films starring anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables as secret agents, instead of human beings. It was supposed to be a series of three webcomics following the missions of agent Gine.

The plot goes like this: “The renown agent Auber Gine is sent to the Neutra Confederacy to investigate the sudden disappearance of Doctor Tomatra, an eminent geneticist and nutritionist who was working on a major top-secret project financed by the Vatle government, and to prevent an open conflict with the neighbour country of Utrif”. Here are some promotional pieces and concepts:

Digital Painting and Illustration - Auber Gine poster
Digital Painting and Illustration - Auber Gine poster

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