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Graphic design and digital painting (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator), Web design and UI/UX design, Animation and Motion design (Flash, CSS3), Front-end development (HTML/CSS, jQuery)


Graphic designer, Web designer, UI / UX designer


2011 – 2015

A welcome challenge

In April 2015 I applied for a Web Designer position at Blizzard Versailles (France). As part of the trial, the applicants had to redesign the existing website of the famous MMORPG World of Warcraft.

The design, functionality and accessibility of the homepage had to be improved and modernised across all devices (desktop and tablet/mobile screens), while expanding on the original brand. Here is a side by side comparison between the 2015 official homepage (left) and my version (right):

World of Warcraft - Redesigned homepage comparison
World of Warcraft - Redesigned homepage patch logo

I focused not only on the page’s flow, prioritisation of the information and user interaction for both desktop computers or touch devices, but also on its look and feel. I tried to capture the game’s visual style by using and combining established colours, textures, 3D models or artworks and backgrounds.

The part that took me the most time was a potential logo for the upcoming patch at the time: 6.2.0. I felt that creating an original piece that would serve as the main banner would make the whole page more genuine. 3D models of various weapons and objects were mixed together to produce the logo, along with light effects and blending modes. I also came up with a believable name for the update and created a unique font to display it. Here is the full redesigned homepage:

World of Warcraft - Redesigned homepage
World of Warcraft - Redesigned homepage

The new homepage needed to be responsive as well, which is why the entries had to include a version specifically designed for tablet. In both of my mockups, I heavily relied on clear horizontal navigation sections and menus to prevent too much scrolling, save space and allow desktop and touch users alike to quickly access information by swiping from left to right.

World of Warcraft - Redesigned homepage (mobile / tablet)
World of Warcraft Community - Logotypes

Community work

Between 2011 and 2012, I was also involved in the design of a logo and website of a French World of Warcraft community. It was the first time I would use digital painting in a website. The overall project, that spanned almost two years, was demanding but extremely satisfying, allowing me to improve my graphic design skills.

The design had to reflect the mood and look of the game’s third expansion: Cataclysm. The use of fire, lava, thunder and volcanic rock effects was at the core of my work to match the theme of the world being ablaze. An animated header was also made to add a ‘wow!’ effect to the pages, no puns intended.

As usual, I cut out many 3D models (characters or objects) or elements from official artworks and screenshots to be able to create the graphic assets (backgrounds, buttons, icons) that were used on the website and forum.

World of Warcraft Community - Website design
World of Warcraft Community - Website design

World of Warcraft is the property of Blizzard Entertainment Inc. All artworks and models used are the properties of their respective owners.

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