Why hello there! I'm Kevin, a Freelance Creative Designer​

I help brands evolve and expand. I design visual identities to communicate and inspire, create interfaces and websites to promote and assert an online presence. I can help you with:

Visual Identity &
Graphic Design

UI / UX / Web Design

Animation &
Motion Design

Visual Identity & Graphic Design

Translating an idea into a visual is my speciality. Visual language adds personality to your brand and enhances your user interface as well as experience. It defines your business and the way you interact with your customers.

  • Logotypes / Logomarks / Combination marks
  • Bespoke and scalable icons (SVG)
  • Marketing assets: Emails, Business cards, Brochures, Website / Blog post and Social media images, Remarketing ads
  • Illustration and image editing

UI / UX / Web Design

Ensuring your online presence is the key to today’s business. Whether it be through a website or an app, I can make sure that your brand is translated into a usable, modern and recognisable interface.

  • Website / App Wireframing and Prototyping
  • User Interface / Experience design: Website / App
  • Interactive mockups

Animation & Motion Design

Animation adds value and originality to your image. It brings life to your brand through video and website / app interactions, and creates a flow that catches your customers’ attention.

  • Videos and Web-based animations
  • Frame-by-frame animations
  • Transitions for UI elements: Buttons, Icons, Backgrounds, Pages

I am available for freelance projects or part-time positions.

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