Creative Cleaning Services

Creative Cleaning Services


Graphic/Web design and Illustration (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator), Front-end development (WordPress, HTML3/CSS3), Animation (CSS3)


Graphic designer, Web designer



Never has a company name been more apropriate! Creative Cleaning Services, a nationwide cleaning company base in the Republic of Ireland, needed an original design based on black and white backgrounds, typography, icons and shapes. The overall design had to be influenced by the Art Deco visual style to emphasise the creative characteristic of the company.

The look and feel and I came up with that was unanimously accepted. You can visit the website here or take a look at the following screenshots:

Creative Cleaning Services - Website pages

Only the hyperlinks and photographs were coloured to break the monochrome aspect of the website.

The icons and images had to illustrate each important section of the website (challenges, history, services) and be animated in a way that would capture the visitor’s attention straight away. Here is a collection of all the illustrations and icons made with the Art Deco style in black and white:

Creative Cleaning Services - Icons and illustrations

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