Elements Energy Corporate Identity and Web Design

Elements Energy Corporate Identity and Web Design


Corporate identity design, Logomark and logotype design, Illustration (Adobe Illustrator), Web design and UI / UX design, English-French translation, Front-end development (WordPress, HTML5 / CSS3).


Graphic designer, Illustrator, Web designer, Translator, UI / UX designer



The brilliant alliance between renewable energies and blockchain technology

Elements Energy is a start-up established in the South of France that specialises in the design, installation and operation of systems that produce electricity and heat using renewable energies.

Not only that, but the main goal of Elements Energy is to make the tokenisation of assets such as photovoltaic panels a viable and open investment for individuals and companies alike. All of this made possible by blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

I was brought on board to refresh the company’s original brand and help it launch officially with a website and a business card. Although the business was based in France, its website and marketing materials had to be both in French and English.

Elements Energy - Logo concepts

Revamped logo and business card

One of the first steps to creating a business is to define its brand and how to visually represent it through a logomark and/or logotype. Elements Energy had an existing one, but needed to modernise its image to appeal to a larger audience and to better reflect its ethos and objectives.

Many logo ideas were born of the core concepts behind the company: renewable energies and the blockchain technology.

Elements Energy - Final logo

The final logo encapsulates this idea perfectly with both the use of the green colour and the representation of nodes constituting a blockchain.

The lowercase and rounded typography completes the circular nodes and give a playful and modern look to the logotype. At the centre of the logomark, the split cell containing the two “e” of Elements Energy is a nod to the solar cells used in photovoltaic panels.

Once the logo was ready, a business card had to be made for a specific event that would make the start-up’s name known. The only hard requirement was to design a two-side business card including content in both French and English.

To achieve this goal and to make the card stand out, I created a contrast between the front and the back using the logo’s main colours. The front would be displaying the full colour logo and French content on a light background, while the back would be using a dark background for the English content.

Elements Energy - Business card
Elements Energy - Website

Brochure website and bespoke icons and infographics

In order to make the launch of Elements Energy official and to provide it with an online presence and platform, a WordPress website was created, optimised for page speed and SEO with interactive animations.

The base purpose of this website is to present the company, its services and vision, along with how to be part of its project. Every page is focused on explaining Elements Energy’s process and how to ultimately contact them.

The existing theme had to be customised to fit the brand new logo and colour scheme. Along with the personalised style, a bespoke set of icons was designed to embellish the look and feel of the overall website. Using an outlined, flat, rounded and geometrical style, these icons are bringing life and colours to each page where they are featured, contributing to the playful feeling set up by the logo.

Lastly, since the company was looking for European partners and clients, the website’s content had to be available in both French and English. This was made possible by the fact that I am fluent in both languages and by using a plugin that made page translation user-friendly and convenient. This was my first opportunity to work not only as a designer, but also as a translator.

You can check the live website at this address.

Elements Energy - Website
Elements Energy - Infographics

To follow-up on the website’s launch and to help potential partners understand what security tokens are and how they are used by Elements Energy to make investment via blockchain a reality. Infographics were made to highlight each step of the process using the same style as the icons to create continuity and keep the brand’s visual consistency.

As for the business card and website, two versions of these infographics had to be made for both languages.

These images are currently featured in a blog post dedicated to this topic.

Less than a year after, Digital Mango, a consultancy firm created by the same people behind Elements Energy, would push this concept further and make it a reality.

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