Midgar Studio Corporate Identity

Midgar Studio Corporate Identity


Corporate identity design, Logomark and logotype design, Web design, Front-end development (XHTML / CSS2 / jQuery / WordPress / Flash).


Graphic designer


2010 – 2012

A first step into the video game industry

Back in 2010, I was part of the newly founded Midgar Studio, an ambitious indie video game studio based in Nîmes, France. One of my first missions was to design its entire corporate identity.

Starting from the name Midgar – in reference to the Norse mythology – the idea was to take the World tree Yggdrasil as a main concept and stylise it to make it the core of the company’s logo. A few concepts were designed, using two to three colour schemes, and a bespoke logotype was created for the occasion.

Midgar Studio Corporate Identity - Logo concepts

The final logomark captured the idea of representing the realm of Midgard at the centre of the World Tree Yggdrasil, surrounded by floating pieces of land (realms). The work on negative space added depth to the whole icon and was specifically designed to be recognisable without the gradients, when converted to a single colour or in black and white.

When the combination mark was fully finished and approved, I had the task of mocking up business cards using the same look and feel. The dark version was selected as it was creating a better contrast with the logo.

To this day, both this logomark and logotype are used by Midgar Studio to promote its brand and developed games.

Midgar Studio Corporate Identity - Logomark

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