Why hello there! I'm Kevin, a Freelance Creative Designer

Helping brands evolve and grow

Through visual identity to communicate and inspire, interfaces and websites to promote and assert their online presence, and animation to bring them to life.

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Visual Identity & Graphic Design

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Communicating and inspiring

Translating an idea into a visual is my speciality. Visual language gives your brand personality and enhances your user interface as well as experience. It defines your business and the way you interact with your clients and customers.

Project showcases:

Visual Identity and Graphic Design projects
Links and specifics can be provided upon request.

UI / UX / Web Design

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Crafting the best user journey for your audience

Ensuring your online presence is the key to today’s business. Whether it be through a website or an app, I can make sure that your brand is translated into a user-friendly, modern and recognisable interface.

Project showcases:

UI / UX / Web Design

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UI/UX and Web Design projects
Links and specifics can be provided upon request.

Animation & Motion Design

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Bringing your brand to life

Animation adds value and originality to your image. It brings life to your brand through video and website / app interactions, and catches your user’s attention.

Project showcases:

Animation and Motion Design projects
Links and specifics can be provided upon request.

Client feedback

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  • Kevin was fantastic! He worked to every deadline which we agreed on, indeed his manner is professional in every sense. He was happy to make any tweaks to his work which I suggested and all in extra quick time. His design work is clean and original and he has an excellent technical grasp of WordPress and its plugins. I could not rate him any more highly!

    James Dowling Digital Mango, Elements Energy
  • Kevin transformed my old clunky self-made website into quite a classy and professional representation of my work. He really lifted up the content and had dynamic and engaging ideas for showcasing my work. He got the job done quickly and my website is placed much higher in the Google rankings now as a result of his redesign and savvy grasp of search engine optimisation. This has generated vastly more traffic for me and has led to an influx of freelance jobs. [...] Absolutely outstanding value - the best thing I've done for my business in a long time...

    Raven Kaliana ravenkaliana.com, Astra: Visual Theatre
  • Kevin does fantastic work in a very efficient manner. We will continue to use his services.

    Jim Clanin DoubleDome Digital Marketing
  • Delivered quality of work to a high standard. Great communication. Excellent all round. I'm very grateful. Thank you Kevin.

    Dene S. Codesouth.FM
  • Great design skills and excellent communication. Highly recommended.

    Graeme Miller Penguin Invoicing

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